(Yo-Yo Fishing) 

A small balloon filled with air and water, with a rubber string attached, which has a loop on end. You use a paper string which it melts, with a metal hook attached to the end of it to try to hook the loop to pick up as many as you can before the paper disintegrates.

It is played as a bouncy water balloon-like a yo-yo.

COMING SOON! (1).png
(Cork Gun Shooting)

An entertaining game!

You use a cork gun riffle to shoot down a prize. The riffle uses a cork to shoot an object down from the stand to redeem the prize. If you can knock it down completely, then you have won the prize.
(Do Not worry, even if you miss, you are still entitled to a prize!)

(Superball Scooping)

A traditional Japanese game in which a player scoops super balls with a scooper. Scooper also has a similar paper like what we use on Yo-Yo fishing. Therefore you scoop the super ball/doll and transfer it in a bowl and keep scooping as much as you can until it disintegrates.


Trade-in your super balls with a bigger price!

*Super ball - small bouncy balls

(Ring Toss)

This ring toss is not just an ordinary ring toss. Instead of aiming for the “ring-bar,” you will be aiming for the actual prize! However, there’s a trick to this. If the ring does not clear the whole toy/snack and makes the perfect circle around the object, you lose. You have three tries to try and make the perfect circle around the object to win the prize!! 


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