Born and raised in Japan, I had a lot of childhood memories

that I can never forget. One of my best and favorite memories

from japan as I grew up was going to the summer festival every

year with my Grandfather and my sister. He took us to the summer festival every year dressing up in “浴衣” (Yukata: is a casual version of the kimono.) Walked around through the “屋台村” (Yatai-Mura: means a village of small open (and mobile) eateries.) offering delicious street foods and games for all ages to enjoy. It has been around since the olden times and still continues to have festivities

in japan till this day.

Nowadays, it is not only during the summer but holds “縁日” (Ennichi: is a day believed to have a special relation (en) with a particular Japanese deity.) throughout the year to gather people together to enjoy and have fun with family and friends. Man! I wished I could visit Japan to experience that again. With that being said, I’ve been waiting and wanting to share this experiences with friends and families here in Hawaii. However, didn’t know when or where to start. That’s when my mom who is an expert with this helped me through build a business, which I can finally reach out to others to share how fun and enjoyable it can be at your next birthday parties and events!! 

japan festival.jpeg
To ensure that you experience an unforgettable great memorable party for your friends and families, our goal is to deliver and strive excellent services right to you at your next event!!
Trust us and have fun!!!

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